Hello There

Hi. My name is Alex, I live and work in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I earn my crust as the Family Tree Sleuth working as a freelance genealogist and researcher.

I’ll never be rich but I spend most of my (happy) days building gorgeous family trees, digging in archives and taking photos of old parish churches and gravestones. I like to think of what I do as turning dusty, dry formal records into interesting stories of real people.

I always place people in context with their family, their work and their neighbourhood my reports are far more rounded and readable than most and include things like maps, photos and descriptions of the places involved.

I offer a range of services from building fully researched family trees from scratch to doing one-on-one coaching with those who are researching for themselves. I can help with particular websites, research problems, deciphering records or even just turn paper notes into a professional looking wall-chart.

On this website you will find an FAQ page to answer most commonly asked questions and you can check my (very reasonable) hourly rate on the Research and Coaching page. There’s also some case studies to have a look at. If you have a query  please drop me an email at ukfamilytreesleuth@gmail.com.


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